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Anorak and the Wisp by CyndersAlmondEyes

I'm gonna analyse the very detailed drawing of :iconcyndersalmondeyes: :
Ahem, I'll try to stay neutral and objective even if that drawing makes me maaad :U, well, let's begin

First of all, the lineart makes us discover a character (and maybe a second) who is (are?) (for my part) kinda attractive, I really love their design, that joy expression, and that innocent fwooffy cute face !!

Then, The colouration gives an intensive and warm blurry shiny render, it gives convivial aspect to the pic, and a relaxing context. It impacts minds as well!
My eyes are still staring on the details of that fur colouration, I really like the way that colouration has been made, using neat colours gradients ,prioritizing the light to make it shine, with less shadows.

Third, That forest background Fits awesomely to the foreground, the white (/green,yellow (really light) of the character is perfectly accorded to the brown and yellow green colour (that participate in the global shining effect).
Those leafs attire attention of the viewer by their lightness, maybe there is an intelligent work of multiple layers of colour gradients and a good use of a good brush.
Behind that neat background, we have something more abstract (some trees shapes, some fog, and vegetation), that sticks to the previous plan and to the global context of the pic (light forward, and darkness behind(since the light source is forward, in Anorak's paw).

In a nutshell, the render is great, those associations of green yellow white shiny dominating colours, and the darkness opposition contrast really gives a counter aspect dark/light which hits directly the viewer's eyes.
I'm just like an insect faced to a lamp !

Aw, that's all for the metaphors, really good job on this !

That's my second critique, hope i did well, éwè, and sorry for the spelling errors, even if I re-read it 4 times xc
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CyndersAlmondEyes Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D I'm especially proud of the colours as you pointed out, haha x3
tails67 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
My pleasure :3 !
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